acne management

LimeLight Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treats signs of aging, fine lines and wrinkles, sun spots/age spots, benign pigmented lesions, and vascular lesions.LimeLight IPL can also be used to balance your skin’s color and tone, skin rejuvenation, and improve your overall complexion. LimeLight IPL can be performed on face, hands, and body.

Laser Acne Treatments

Cutera® Xeo Laser Genesis is a non-invasive acne treatment that uses heat to kill acne, and stimulate dermal regeneration to reduce the appearance of scarring.

How does Cutera® Laser Genesis for Acne work ?

This 1064nm laser uses controlled heat to kill acne causing bacteria while simultaneously treating redness and early scars caused by acne in the skin. It is usually used on the face, and neck. This treatment is an effective and long-term solution to acne by treating the overactive sebaceous glands that when producing too much oil, clogs up the skin pores.

What can Laser Genesis treat ?

Unlike other superficial treatments, this procedure penetrates deep into the skin’s cellular layer and counters the overactive sebaceous glands, promoting new skin cell and collagen growth.

In addition, it helps to shrink skin pores on the cheeks, chin, nose, chin and forehead, as well as smoothen fine lines, rough skin, and reduce skin reduce a symptom common to acne.

What is a Laser Genesis session like?

The areas to be treated are cleaned and marked with a pen. A nerve block with a local anesthetic is usually used to numb the area before treatment. You may also get medicine to help you relax.

If your whole face is going to be treated you will need to wear protective goggles and may be given pain relievers, sedation, or stronger anesthesia.

The laser is passed over the skin, sending out pulses. Each pulse lasts less than a millisecond. Between passes with the laser, the skin will be wiped with water or a saltwater solution. This is done to cool the skin and remove tissue that the laser has destroyed.

Depending on the skin condition being treated, a slight burning sensation or “snapping” may be felt and vary in intensity depending on the number of passes.

What results can be expected?

This popular, low down-time laser not only helps improve acne breakouts, but also acne scarring and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation caused by the acne as well.